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Fire Classroom Training

Fire Suppression

At JME Fire and Hoist Protection, INC, we offer comprehensive fire suppression and protection services. Whether you need to get new fire extinguishers or you need your current extinguishers certified, we can help. We can also make sure that your employees get the training and certification they need so that your company meets OSHA standards. More importantly, your employees will get information that could save their lives.

Hoist Inspection

By adding hoist inspection to our services, we are able to save your company time and money. When you have one business, like ours, able to do both your fire suppression and hoist inspection and maintenance, you only need to make one appointment to cover everything.

Multistate Coverage

Chances are that your company has more than one office. If you have offices in Wyoming, North Dakota, Utah, Idaho, and/or Colorado, we can get you the training and supplies that you need.

Hoist Static Load Testing

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